Hattie St.John

Now full time in Europe, Hattie has performed in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, the south of France, and has made her home in Berlin. Venues where she has featured here include Yorckschlößchen, B Flat Café, Englischer Garten, Celtic Cottage & Molly Malone's, Speiche's Rock & Blues Kneipe among others.

Hattie St John performs with her jazz Quartet: Helmut Bruger/Piano, Robin Draganic/Bass, Michael Clifton/Drums, and their newest CD is called "Too Much Talent" on CD label phonector. She also sings with Jazzmakers Berlin. Still true to her folk roots, she also has a program of pop, country, blues and celtic, playing acoustic guitar. She has recorded 2 blues albums with local heroes Heinz Glass and Kat Baloun

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23.11.201822:00Wild Geese GöttingenMühlenstr. 4, 37073 GöttingenHattie St John Solo - all your favorite irish hits and more

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New CD out now!

Too Much Talent is my latest jazz offering, and features the fine musicianship of Helmut Bruger on Piano, Robin Draganic on Double Bass and Michael Clifton on Drums and Body Percussion. There are a couple of standout tracks composed by Linn Lorkin, one of New Zealand's musical treasures; plus some of my favorite latin and jazz classics; a blues - the title track - which is an interesting story about the music biz; and a tribute to our pianist where we 'Do The Helmet'! Michael Clifton features on a couple of the latin tracks with his amazing tap dancing and body percussion.

Featuring: Helmut Bruger (piano), Robin Draganic (bass) and Michael Clifton on drums.

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Hattie on Youtube

If you couldn't make it to one of her concerts not all hope is lost! There is some footage of Hatties doings on Youtube, and you don't even have to go there! You can watch it all right on this website!

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